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Scholastic Apti

Sponsoring and managing work visas parts now becoming results in the experience with future guranteed.

You must be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and understanding of US history and government by answering at least six out of ten questions correctly to pass this section of the citizenship test. The questions will be chosen at random by the immigration officer, who will read them aloud to you and finish the test once you have correctly answered six questions. You’ll be allowed to phrase your answers in any way as long as they are correct.

More over half of the questions are regarding the government of the United States, with the remainder being about American history. The answers to some questions will be supplied in the study materials. “Who is in charge of the executive branch?”

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How To Do Test Preparation

To take preparation you have to test yourself with practice question, join as much as you can an online test, need to keep general english level up, and test out by computer delivered outputs.

Online Classes

To pass the exam you must join the online class since it is a time of corona pandemic

Tutor Led Sessions

In this session the tutor will instruct how to do and what is the best way to pass the exam easily.

Resource Material

Your test center will give you some resources that you must read one by one
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